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by | May 12, 2021 | Firm News |

By Brad Glassman

Grandma always said ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it is’!

Immigration ‘service providers’ are most often scammers who harm unsuspecting undocumented people by offering help and appealing to one’s hope. Such providers include “Notarios”, “legal advisors”, “legal consultants’ etc. They prey on undocumented people looking to get status in the United States to work, live and remain legally. These scammers prey on the hope of undocumented people. Offering hope appeals to peoples dreams, prays, and needs, but creates a false sense of security and blind faith to undocumented people. These scammers offer hope.

These so-called service providers are individuals or agencies who present themselves as people qualified to offer legal advice or immigration-related services but are deceptively marketed scammers. Sadly, such notarios and advisors’ dupe undocumented people in their own local communities, similar backgrounds and languages making promises to obtain benefits that simply do not exist.

While the term ‘notario’ ‘legal advisor’ or ‘legal consultant’ sounds legally formal, no such title allows a person to practice law in the United States or resolve immigration matters. Vulnerability rests in non-attorneys delivering improper, negligent, and unfavorable legal advice, which quite often results in undocumented aliens being placed into deportation proceedings, indefinite confinement in an immigration jail, committing fraud and so on.
The Biden Administration is making real overtures to alter immigration procedures and create reforms that make sense. No doubt renewed hope is here, and meaningful change are on the horizon. However, even the Biden Administration, has yet to make significant changes towards aiding undocumented people of all backgrounds and communities. NOTE: There still is no direct path to legalization or citizenship ‘amnesty’ or such for most undocumented people.


Watch out for local temporary ‘pop-up’ services/stores; meeting requests in unorthodox places such as coffee shops; requests to sign blank documents; being put on a wait list, a registry; or being told “pay now-law change is coming and you want to be at the head of the line”. The reality is these scammers and operations come and go in the still of the night, taking money, closing offices, and disappearing altogether along with one’s hope. Sometimes worse, fraudulent documents are filed with the Immigration Services or even illegally produced leaving the undocumented people to assume the legal and criminal fallout alone.

The best recommendation is to seek help from a reliable licensed attorney like Brad B Glassman, Esq. because becoming a victim can do more than hurt a wallet, it can leave undocumented people to assume the legal and criminal fallout alone.

Follow Grandma’s advice: If it sounds too good to be true, it is!