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The Consequences Of Failing To Pay Child Support

| Mar 15, 2021 | Family Law |

By Matt Cavallo, Esq.

It is important that you avoid overpaying for child support if you have an obligation to pay long ago but that you continue to be charged for. The parties may agree to circumvent New York’s child support enforcement agency and instead have payments made directly from one spouse to another. Payment can also be agreed to be made through the child support enforcement agency. However, when this route is chosen, a child support payor may continue to be charged child support even after such payments are no longer owed. At that point one must submit the relevant filings to ensure that the charges cease.

Notably, the child support enforcement agency can use a number of different means to obtain child support payments from the payor. This can include income garnishment directly from the payor’s employer and it can also involve garnishing a portion of a payor’s periodic retirement benefits.

Furthermore, the enforcement agency can deduct the amount owed from one’s New York unemployment insurance benefits. Other consequences of not paying child support can include suspension of one’s driver’s license, liens on one’s property, and the suspension of the delinquent payor’s driver’s license. Payors must avoid becoming delinquent on their child support payments as there are many negative repercussions. Being delinquent could negatively impact your credit and create a whole host of other problems.