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Ensuring That Your Simple Divorce Is Carried Out Properly

| Mar 24, 2021 | Family Law |

By Matt Cavallo, Esq.

While a divorce may involve issues on which the parties all agree, clients should be aware that they should not pay too much in legal costs because of a lackadaisical adversary. Parties in situations where the marriage has broken down but the divorce is uncontested should want to ensure that all proper legal procedures are followed to ensure that their settlement agreement is enforceable.

Both parties should hire counsel when facing a divorce even when the matter can be settled quickly. Hiring an attorney can be expensive but it is worth hiring one to ensure that your divorce is finalized properly. When a case is straightforward, a client may expect that their legal bill for the divorce will be fairly low. However, the parties should negotiate to avoid a situation where one party seeks to pay minimal legal fees by having their attorney perform minimal work while the other party’s attorney performs all of the work resulting in lopsided legal fees.

Requesting that the opposing side pay some of your legal fees if your attorney will be performing the bulk of the work regarding the uncontested divorce is an option that can help keep your legal costs down. Following legal procedure is very important even in uncontested cases and even a simple divorce proceeding can present a considerable legal bill.