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New Year, New You, New Divorce?

| Jan 5, 2021 | Family Law |

While many people make New Year’s resolutions to eat better, work out more or stop and smell the roses, many other people also resolve to move on from an old relationship and the divorce world sees an influx of new cases.

While in prior years, many filed in January often optimistic that the case would be resolved within the year, maybe even before the kids had to be back to school, a lesson learned from 2020 (thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic) and remains a lesson for this year, your divorce is unlikely to be resolved within 9 months.

The one exception to that rule may be if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse immediately settle and resolve all your differences within months of filing.

While most of the court systems are finally up and running on a virtual basis, there is still a backlog of cases that needs to make its way through the system. While conferencing with judges and motion practice are all running relatively smoothly and your case should enter the flow with minimal interruption, however, should you reach a point that settlement is not an option, hearings and trials are another hurdle.

Scheduling an in-person trials or hearings for most cases is a distant dream, and depending on the complexity of your case, a virtual option may be nearly impossible, pushing the prospect of a trial date years away.

So, what should you resolve immediately after resolving to get divorced in 2021? To have patience and to find an attorney who will push to have your case resolved as expediently as possible, even in the continuing pandemic. And if your case cannot be resolved, find an attorney that will push and fight to get your case heard and the results you want.